About Us


Synergy Bulgaria Ltd is a consultancy company established in 2014 by eng. Dimitar Penev. It`s main scope of business is the design of energy efficient HVAC systems, the development of projects under the Energy Efficiency part, energy efficiency auditing of existing buildings, as well as a number of unconventional services related to Sustainable Construction and Passive House Buildings.

Our team is doing their best to meet the demands of our clients as fully as possible and to provide them with innovative, yet efficient solutions in the field of heating and cooling systems and utilization of energy from renewable sources to secure long-term cost effectiveness and increase the comfort and quality of their life.

Dimitar Penev
CEO & Chief designer
Eng. Dimitar Penev is a HVAC designer with a full designer’s licence, he has more than 10 years of experience in the field. He is a certified Passive House Designer and a DGNB International consultant.
Plamen Elenkov
Designer HVAC
Eng. Plamen Elenkov is a HVAC and Energy Efficiency designer.
Ivelina Peneva
Civil engineer
Eng. Ivelina Peneva is a construction engineer and an engineering coordinator of ongoing projects.